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There is no other smile quite like yours—provide it with the uniquely tailored care and attention it deserves with Ostrem Dental. From fillings and implant restoration to treating life’s little emergencies, the team at Ostrem Dental offers the highest quality cosmetic and general dental care. Allow us to design a custom treatment plan to meet your unique needs and renew your confidence. Contact this Plymouth dentist today, and put your best smile forward with Ostrem Dental!



“I have already recommended Ostrem Dental to several friends and family members. Dr. Ostrem and his staff are friendly, informative, and reassuring to nervous patients like myself. Dr. Ostrem does great work and is gentle and considerate.”     Andy C.


“Very caring friendly personnel. Knowledgeable, competent & thorough.” Leroy T.


My family has been going to Ostrem Dental for many years. We drive from Big Lake just for dental appointments because we feel comfortable and wouldn’t think of changing dentists because we don’t live close to the office anymore. I have recommended Ostrem Dental to several co-workers who became patients and were happy for the referral Shannon S.

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Restorative Dentistry

Years of wear and tear, injury, or poor care can hurt the look and function of your teeth. Dr. Ostrem and his team change lives every day through restorative dentistry. Rejuvenate your smile today!


Want to straighten your teeth, but don’t like the look, feel, and hassle of traditional braces?

Your Plymouth dentist can help!


If you suffer with persistent muscle aches in the neck or back, headaches, migraines or an aching lower jaw, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) may be to blame. Contact your local dentist near me.

Our Plymouth MN dentist office is conveniently located off Highway 169 on the north side of town at 49th Ave N or Schmidt Road. We offer full dental treatment options to residents of Plymouth and its surrounding neighborhoods like Robbinsdale, New Hope and Crystal to name a few. Our expertise includes restorative dentistry, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and veneers. We also offer orthodontic treatments as well as Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles if you would like to avoid traditional braces. You can see a full list of what we offer in the services menu at the top of the site. Whatever your concern, we strive to provide treatment in a caring and comfortable atmosphere. We will always provide you with all the treatment information so you can make an informed decision about your care.

Dentist Plymouth MN

Welcome to Ostrem Dental, your friendly neighborhood dentist in Plymouth, MN! We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of dental services to meet the needs of our patients. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Ostrem, and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. 


Dental Services Offered at Ostrem Dental in Plymouth, MN


General Dentistry


Our general dentistry services at Ostrem Dental cover all the bases for maintaining your oral health. We perform routine dental checkups, x-rays, and cleanings to help prevent cavities and gum disease. If tooth decay is present, our dentist, Dr. Ostrem, provides fillings and extractions to prevent further damage and ensure a healthy smile.


Cosmetic Dentistry


Our cosmetic dentistry services cater to patients seeking to enhance the appearance of their smile. We offer teeth whitening treatments for a brighter, more radiant smile. Veneers are an excellent option for correcting minor imperfections, while bonding helps repair chipped or cracked teeth. For patients experiencing tooth loss, dental implants provide a permanent and natural-looking solution.


Restorative Dentistry


Restorative dentistry at Ostrem Dental focuses on repairing damaged teeth and restoring functionality. We offer crowns to protect damaged teeth, bridges to replace missing teeth, and dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth. Inlays and onlays provide a more conservative approach to restoring a tooth’s structure after damage.


Periodontal Treatments


Our periodontal treatments help patients maintain healthy gums and prevent gum disease. Our dentist performs scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of gum disease. We also provide ongoing gum disease management to ensure the long-term health of your gums.

Endodontic Treatments


Endodontic treatments at Ostrem Dental address issues within the tooth’s pulp or root. Our experienced team performs root canals to save teeth from severe infection or abscesses. In more complex cases, we may recommend an apicoectomy to remove the tip of the tooth’s root and prevent further infection.


Dental Implants 


For patients requiring tooth replacement, our skilled dentist performs dental implant placement surgery. This procedure involves placing a post into the jawbone, which serves as a secure anchor for a replacement tooth or to secure dentures.


Pediatric Dentistry


At Ostrem Dental, we understand the unique needs of our younger patients. Our pediatric dentistry services include sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and tooth decay in children. We also provide specialized care and guidance to parents on maintaining their child’s oral health.




Our orthodontic services help correct misaligned teeth for patients of all ages. We offer clear aligners like Invisalign, six month smiles, and retainers to guide teeth into their proper positions and maintain results after treatment.


Cost of Dental Care in Plymouth, MN


Factors influencing cost: The cost of dental care in Plymouth, MN can be influenced by various factors, such as geographic location, the dentist’s experience, and the complexity of the treatment. Our team at Ostrem Dental is committed to providing affordable and high-quality care for all our patients.


Average cost of procedures: To help our patients better understand their dental expenses, we provide a breakdown of the cost for common dental services, such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and braces. Our staff is always available to discuss your specific treatment needs and associated costs.


Affordable dental care options: At Ostrem Dental, we believe that everyone should have access to quality dental care. To make our services more affordable, we offer payment plan options, accept credit card payments, CareCredit, and provide our Ostrem Dental Benefits Plan for patients without insurance.


Oral Hygiene Tips


Brushing: Proper brushing techniques are essential for maintaining good oral health. Our dentist recommends using a fluoride toothpaste and brushing for at least two minutes twice a day to remove plaque and prevent cavities.


Flossing: Flossing daily is crucial for removing plaque and food particles between teeth, where brushing alone cannot reach. Our team at Ostrem Dental can demonstrate the proper flossing technique and recommend the best type of floss for your needs to help you maintain optimal oral health.


Mouthwash: Using an antibacterial mouthwash as part of your daily oral hygiene routine can help reduce plaque, prevent gum disease, and freshen your breath. Our dentist can recommend the most suitable mouthwash for your specific needs.


Regular dental checkups: Regular dental visits and cleanings are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. At Ostrem Dental, we recommend scheduling appointments every six months for a professional cleaning and thorough examination.


Diet and oral health: A balanced diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mouth. Foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins can help strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. Limiting sugary and acidic foods can also reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.


Dental Care for Children in Plymouth, MN


First dental visit: The American Dental Association recommends scheduling a child’s first dental visit within six months of their first tooth erupting or by their first birthday. At Ostrem Dental, we strive to make your child’s first appointment a positive experience, setting the stage for a lifetime of good oral health.


Preventive care: Preventive dental care, such as sealants and fluoride treatments, is essential for keeping children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. Our pediatric dentist provides these services and educate parents on their benefits.


Monitoring oral development: Early identification and intervention of orthodontic issues in children can lead to better outcomes and less invasive treatments. Our dentist monitors your child’s oral development during regular checkups to address any concerns promptly.


Oral hygiene habits: Establishing good dental care habits at a young age is critical for maintaining lifelong oral health. Our team at Ostrem Dental provides tips for parents on teaching their children proper brushing and flossing techniques and promoting healthy dietary habits.


Oral Health Resources in Plymouth


Local dental associations: Plymouth has professional organizations that provide resources and support for both patients and dentists. These associations play a vital role in connecting the dental community and promoting oral health education and awareness.


Community programs: Various outreach initiatives and educational events in Plymouth promote oral health and provide essential dental services to those in need. These programs help ensure that everyone in the community has access to dental care and education.


Online resources: Several websites and social media platforms offer dental health information for Plymouth residents. These resources can help patients stay informed about the latest advancements in dentistry and learn about maintaining good oral health.


Orthodontic Care in Plymouth


Types of orthodontic treatments: Ostrem Dental offers a range of orthodontic treatments, including clear aligners like Invisalign, and clear braces. Our experienced orthodontist can recommend the most suitable treatment for your specific needs and goals.


When to seek orthodontic care: Signs that you or your child may need orthodontic treatment include crowded or misaligned teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, and noticeable gaps between teeth. Our team at Ostrem Dental can evaluate your needs during an initial consultation and create a customized treatment plan.


Cost and payment options: The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the type of treatment and the complexity of the case. At Ostrem Dental, we provide a clear explanation of costs and offer flexible financing options to help make orthodontic care more affordable.


Dental Technology 


Digital X-rays: At Ostrem Dental, we utilize digital x-rays for more accurate and efficient diagnostics. Digital x-rays offer several advantages over traditional x-rays, such as reduced radiation exposure, faster imaging, and the ability to easily share and store images.


Intraoral cameras: Intraoral cameras enhance our diagnostic capabilities and help educate patients about their oral health. These small, pen-like cameras capture high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, allowing our dentist to identify potential issues and discuss treatment options with you.


CAD/CAM technology: Our office employs CAD/CAM technology to streamline restorative procedures and improve the patient experience. This advanced technology allows us to design and create custom dental restorations, such as crowns and bridges, with greater accuracy and efficiency.


DIAGNOdent®: Ostrem Dental utilizes DIAGNOdent® technology for early detection of tooth decay and cavities. This non-invasive device uses laser fluorescence to identify areas of decay not visible to the naked eye, allowing for more effective and timely treatment.


Nightguard: A nightguard is a custom-made oral appliance that protects your teeth from grinding and clenching during sleep. Our dentist can create a comfortable, personalized nightguard to help prevent tooth damage and alleviate jaw pain.


NTI: The NTI device is another option for patients who suffer from teeth grinding and clenching. This small, custom-made appliance fits securely over your front teeth, helping to prevent grinding and reduce jaw pain.


Digital photography: Our team at Ostrem Dental uses digital photography for diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education. High-quality images of your teeth and gums can help us identify potential issues and track treatment progress.


Dental implants: Ostrem Dental employs advanced materials and techniques for dental implant procedures. These long-lasting tooth replacement solutions provide a natural look and feel, restoring both function and aesthetics to your smile.


Our team at Ostrem Dental is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized dental care to our Plymouth patients. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to helping you and your family achieve beautiful, healthy smiles for life!


About Plymouth, MN

Plymouth is a city situated in Hennepin County, Minnesota, approximately 10 miles to the west of downtown Minneapolis, within the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. It is regarded as one of the most desirable places to reside in Minnesota, offering an urban suburban mix that appeals to a diverse range of residents, many of whom are homeowners.


Plymouth, Minnesota has emerged as a popular tourist destination for both locals and visitors, thanks to its many attractions, such as the Hilde Performance Center and Bassett Creek Park, as well as numerous dining options available in the Tanger Outlets area. The city boasts many parks and coffee shops, making it an excellent spot for relaxation and leisure. Families and young professionals are drawn to the area, with residents generally expressing moderate political views. Additionally, the public schools in Plymouth have a strong reputation for academic excellence.


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